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Cherokee & Walker is a private equity firm managing and seeking investment opportunities that fit the following models: 


We acquire or take significant positions in small, high-potential companies where we (or our partners) have unique insight and where we can exert meaningful influence. Some portfolio companies have consistent cash flow, while others are earlier stage or are growth-oriented. 


We partner with experienced professionals who are looking for an entrepreneurial experience. The character, background and core principles of our partners are as important as their professional talents and abilities. 


We develop companies that are a natural offspring of existing enterprises or relationships. These outgrowth or “spin-off” companies have a natural synergy with our existing portfolio—facilitating a faster path to financial success. We aim to form relationships with key partners and key managers that are team oriented. We establish objective boards that are governed by sound managerial and oversight practices and policies. We also facilitate legal and accounting structure and support. We are dedicated to sound fundamental business principles and excellence.

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